Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alice revisited

Finally settled on this version of Alice. Female heroines are tricky; if you don't make them "pretty", no one will understand she is the heroine, so you have a lot more parameters you have to draw within. I prefer to draw villains and trusty side-kicks.


  1. Yes, but at least Alice is a little girl, so you don't have to give her a great figure:) I like this--it's not John Tennielle (sp?) but it still puts you right in the story like his work does. Good job!

  2. I like this Alice. I really love the mustard and pale blue as well. Nice how her skirt is blowing to right, along with her anxious look, like this story is gonna happen so let's go.

  3. Love the way you split the background in two with color. And Alice has that haunted look about her that draws us in. Wonderful!