Friday, February 15, 2013

Nose in Repose

I actually did this sketch on the bus between bumps and lurches, so I am pretty impressed with myself.


  1. OH my heck Ariel! I love this so much!!! First: it's a great composition, second amazing concept, and third: I love the fish swimming up and over.
    It's funny too, cause I am also working on an illo where someone's reading in a boat. Though it's totally different. Are you going to make this into a finished illustration? (Hope so!)

  2. Thanks, Sarah! :) I can't wait to see your illustration too - funny how certain themes are so attractive. Deep water and reading are always repeats for me. I don't have any plans for this guy right now; it was just one of those things that randomly happened as I am trying to keep up with my drawing goals. Maybe this merits some final art down the road though? Thank you for the suggestion/encouragement.

  3. This is wonderful! And it was done a the bus? My God, woman, you rock! Are you going to paint it?